If you already hold an intuitive belief that death is a normal part of the life cycle then you have found a home here.

If a purely medicalized approach to death and dying doesn’t support your view then we would like to invite you to entertain the question, just what does a good death look like? That is the vision we serve – your vision. To the best of our ability, that is what we will work with you to achieve.

Originally we were twelve independent practitioners looking for our tribe. Our association was based on the firm belief that our American model of death is bereft of meaning because it is based on the assumption that death shouldn’t happen. As the dynamics of our relationships strengthened, we realized that remaining solo practitioners was not the purpose of our gathering together. Working together, we collaborate for the benefit of everyone we serve.

Learn more about us here, on our website. Or, talk to us by calling (503) 568-6380. And, feel free to stop by our office at Winding Willow 1540 SE Clinton St. Portland, OR 97202 where there’s always a cup of tea and information available.


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