We are honored to be a part of your search for meaning at the end of life.


Like birth, death is a sacred, mystical, and mandatory part of the human experience. We all will die. We can choose how we think about and prepare for death. Conversely, we can refuse to think about and prepare for death. The choice is ours to make.

We at the EOLCC suggest that by being prepared, by knowing our choices and selecting our options, it is possible to approach our death, or the death of someone we care about, with more calm and greater confidence

Our collaborative is focused on supporting death and dying with a practical, organic, and holistic approach. Each of our practitioners offer a modality that deeply resonates with their personal and professional experience working with clients at the end of life. Combining modalities optimizes a state of equilibrium and balance, creating a space for peace and calm to abide.

We are also committed to assisting clients in making informed choices before the end of life presents itself. What once was freely discussed in every family and community has become silenced in our death-phobic culture. We offer education and information because we believe everyone can, if they wish, craft and implement their own vision of a good death.

All photos on our website were taken at the Lone Fir Cemetery by the amazing Amy McMullen.